All egg tray manufacturers know about the importance of buying superior quality machines that help them fulfill their customers’ demands and keep their business running well. Depending on their needs and budget, they choose between automatic, semi-automatic, and manual egg tray making machines.

Typically, automatic egg tray machines can produce anywhere between 5500 and 7500 pieces egg trays in an hour. Semi-automatic machines can make 2000 to 5000 pieces egg trays and manual machines can make up to 1500 pieces egg trays.


When it comes to functioning, egg tray making machines are similar to apple tray making machines and pulp molding machines. The difference lies in the molds, and once that is changed, you can produce egg cartons, apple trays, and so on.


The best thing about high-quality egg tray machines is that they’re eco-friendly and can recycle waste paper into egg trays. This, in turn, saves trees. In addition, they make the best use of waste paper by renewing its life for further use in a profitable manner.

If you’re planning to start an egg tray manufacturing plant and want in all the advantages tagged along with the egg tray machines, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to know more.


Pick a High-Quality Egg Tray Making Machine to Ensure Proper Maintenance

Maintaining an egg tray machine is possible and easier only when you’re working with a high-quality piece to begin with. When investing in an egg tray making machine, it is important to protect your investment by starting off on the right foot, i.e. buying a good quality machine. Deciphering this aspect is easier said than done, though. We bring you a few suggestions that can make this task easier for you.

Of all the components of the egg tray making machine, the main machine (or the forming machine) is of utmost importance to the production process. More often than not, buyers test the performance and stability of this part by asking machine manufacturers to operate it in their presence. You can do so too, and check for vibrations and sounds (if any) that the machine produces. Ideally, the machine should not produce any of these.

When the machine starts running, look for positional accuracy by noting the clearance fits of forming and transferring molds. There should be a 1-mm gap between them.

Apart from buying a high-quality machine, it is important to use first-rate raw materials. Also, if the machines parts are water-resistant, it becomes easier to maintain it in the long term.


Why Proper Maintenance of Egg Tray Machines Is Crucial

Looking for solid reasons to keep your egg tray machines in optimal shape? We’ve got a couple of them:

a. Safety

Regardless of the industry you’re in, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of creating a safe workplace. Proper maintenance of machines is a big part of this. Ensuring the normal running of the various parts, correct circuit installation, and so on cannot be neglected. At the same time, maintenance measures need to be administered in a timely manner. It is best to involve experienced professionals should a complex issue spring up in the machine.

b. Quality Control

The product you manufacture should be high in quality, otherwise the demand for your brand will diminish in no time. Competitors will poach your customers and you will end up incurring losses in business. Well-maintained egg tray manufacturing machines will inevitably produce high-quality products that will increase their demand. Having a sound quality control system in place will also ensure the machine’s longevity and stability.


Maintaining Egg Tray Machines

Typically, egg tray machines are made of stainless steel and do not rust easily. However, improper use and mishandling can make them susceptible to rust and other performance-related problems.

The functioning of the egg tray machine involves the use of water, which is why it is crucial to protect the machine from the ill-effects of water (like corrosion). Also, indiscriminate production of pulp should be avoided as this may lower the machine’s longevity. During the pulp molding process, the egg tray machine tends to absorb pulp from the pulp pool, which is why it is imperative to wash off the pulp residue. Doing so will keep the machine clean and prevent the residue from damaging the machine. It is important to clean the egg tray machine properly. A lot of users make the mistake of using chemical agents, steel brushes or scrubbers to clean it. However, it is advised to use a soft cloth and detergent to clean the machine as they will be kinder to it. You can also use a sponge. Simply dip it in solution made by mixing thinner, alcohol, volatile oil, and acetone. Wipe the machine and keep it spotless.


Considerations in Maintaining Egg Tray Making Machine

As already mentioned, egg tray making machines need proper and regular maintenance to function smoothly. Ensuring this, can help you bring down their energy consumption and prolong their lifespan.

Maintenance of Machine Parts

The maintenance of machine parts can be done either on a daily basis or as a weekly routine. Further, you can divide it into general maintenance, area maintenance and equipment maintenance depending on the type and the frequency of care your machine needs. Typically, machine maintenance measures include (but are not limited to) inspection, lubrication, hygiene checks and cleaning, repairs, and safety.

By ensuring the following four factors, you can successfully maintain egg tray making machine parts in top condition:

a. Regulation

Whether you’re cleaning a tool, a work piece or an accessory, each part needs to be cleaned and placed with complete adherence to the guidelines specified by the manufacturer.

b. Sanitation

While most egg tray machine users make it a point to keep it clean from the outside, it is important to keep it tidy internally as well. It makes sense to engage a professional to get the machine deep cleaned and serviced from time to time.

c. Lubrication

It is important to not only oil the machine parts at regular intervals, but also change it on time. Further, the type and the quality of the oil should be in line with the specifications of the manufacturer.

d. Safety and Inspection

To ensure failsafe maintenance of the machine and the safety of users, designate skilled personnel with the responsibility of taking care of the parts. They should be well acquainted with the working and the assembly of the parts, and know how to maintain the overall equipment.

Maintenance of Egg Tray Making Machine in Warmer Climes

Heat has an effect on everything and the egg tray making machine is no exception. If adequate precautions are taken to protect its mechanical aspects, the machine will continue to perform optimally and sustain the production volume.

  • The lubricating oil, for instance, will become highly viscose when the mercury soars. Due to this, the smoothness of and control over the machine may suffer. Also, friction may be produced when the machine is in use, which will result in damage. To prevent such scenarios, it is necessary to adopt an all-inclusive approach to machine maintenance. It is crucial to replace the machine oil at regular intervals. Always use oil that has the required amount of viscosity.
  • Rubber belts are used in egg tray making machines; these need to be adjusted or replaced as and when needed. This applies to wires, plugs and pipes as well. The fuel pipes, in particular, need to be checked for leaks and cracks, and if found, they should be fixed immediately. To avoid any damage to the machine (and on-site accidents), any trace of spilled oil and gathered dust must be cleaned.
  • It is also advised to ascertain that the fan, water pump, generator and compressor are in good condition; else, the chances of incurring a mishap when operating the machinery can heighten.
  • Further, examine the machine’s cooling and fuel systems, as they need to be unobstructed for the heat to escape.



When it comes to running a successful production/manufacturing plant, it is the machines that make the magic happen. High-quality machines that are well looked after are sure to give the desired output in terms of generating superior products. It is, therefore, imperative that egg tray manufacturers prioritize the maintenance of egg tray making machines and reap the fruits of their hard work and investment.

How to Maintain Egg Tray Machines for Optimal Performance
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How to Maintain Egg Tray Machines for Optimal Performance
High-quality egg tray machines that are well maintained are sure to give the desired output in terms of generating superior products
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