This Is A Complete Egg Tray Production Line Solution

What do you have to prepare before installation?

  • Enough Space – Egg Tray production takes a big space when considering pulping & forming system. Especially the drying line, which is 15~50 meters approximately.
  • Steady Water & Electricity Supply – No matter trial or formal production, steady water and electricity supply is the most fundamental element.
  • Reliable Heat Source – Choose the most convenient option for your drying line, it can be wood, natural gas, diesel or sunshine and make sure source network is workable.
  • Welding & Tool Box– Skilled welders, handy welding machines and tool boxes are necessary throughout installation.


The following equipment/accessories are included in pulping system:

  • Hydropulper
  • Butterfly valve
  • Grinding machine
  • Pulp pump
  • Agitator
  • Pulp tank
  • Ball valve
  • Steel pipeline
  • Control cabinet


  • The cost of dies is separated from project.
  • We need your egg tray sample, which fits the size and shape of your local eggs well.
  • Number of forming (moulding) dies and transfer dies depend on egg tray machine type.
  • Aluminum and/or ABS dies available from QTM.



egg carton machine manufacturer

The following equipment/accessories are included in forming system:

  • Egg tray machine
  • Solenoid valve
  • Proximity switch
  • Air tank
  • Screw air compressor
  • Vacuum pump
  • Vacuum tank
  • Self suction pump
  • Cleaning machine
  • Hose
  • Control cabinet
ModelTypeFaceForming Dies
Transfer Dies
Egg Tray Output
QTM 1*3Bisection1332300*2150*19002.2500~1200
QTM 1*4Bisection1442600*2150*19002.21200~1600
QTM 4*4Rotary41643150*1750*160031800~2500
QTM 8*4Rotary83242800*2250*220042500~3200
QTM 8*5Rotary84053000*1550*250055500~6000
QTM 12*5Rotary126053100*2100*300056500~7000

Natural Drying

Take advantage of sunshine and wind, make egg trays dry naturally on shelves, without any electricity and heating consumption.

Please note that buyer have to build natural drying facility at their cost, free advice is available from QTM.

Tunnel Drying

Tunnel drying is actually a kind of continuous drying line and usually consist of metal and brick types. Surrounded by rock wool or bricks, a chain conveyor rolls on in cycles and taking wet egg trays from egg tray machine into this rectangular tunnel.

Width, length of drying tunnel depend on the size of wet egg tray and required drying content. What is worth mentioning, multi layer tunnel shorten the total tunnel length and requires smaller space perfectly.

The following equipment/accessories are included in tunnel drying line:

  • Blower
  • Burner
  • Thermometer
  • Control cabinet


  • We offer global installation service, and on site assistance can be provided at additional cost, which including wage per technician per day (since the day of departure), round-trip ticket, visa and local accommodation.

  • On site assistance period depend on buyer’s field condition, number of available workers, machine type, drying method and others. Our installation team need your kind cooperation and help you to complete installation as soon as possible.

  • Estimated delivery: 30-60 days upon receipt of deposit. Then a layout of project is available from QTM based on the information you provided.

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