5 Packaging Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Over the past few decades, packaging has become a critical component of product differentiation. In fact, according to a market study shared by Technavio, a market research firm, the global packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of six percent until 2021. Packaging no longer serves the role of merely securing the product.

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6 Things Manufacturers Must Know about Sustainable Manufacturing

The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines sustainable manufacturing as the creation of products using economically-sound processes that minimize the negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Thanks to the increasing awareness, the government regulations, and the customer demand, manufacturers are embracing sustainable manufacturing practices to conserve natural resources and reduce the carbon

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Molded Paper Egg Tray Drying: Higher Efficiency With Lower Energy Consumption

Water content of a wet egg tray reaches up to 65%~75% after molded by an egg tray machine, and it’s hard to make it lower by any mechanical method. Actually, about 3.5~4kg moisture is dehydrated from every kilogram of molded fiber products through drying process. Therefore, drying is a vital technical process in egg

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How to Maintain Egg Tray Making Machines for Optimal Performance

All egg tray manufacturers know about the importance of buying superior quality machines that help them fulfill their customers’ demands and keep their business running well. Depending on their needs and budget, they choose between automatic, semi-automatic, and manual egg tray making machines. Typically, automatic egg tray machines can produce anywhere between 5500 and 7500

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Molded Fiber: Different Types and 7 Unique Applications You Need to Know Of

The environmental impact of polyurethane foam, plastic products and the rising pollution levels across the globe are the main reasons why moulded fibre products have gained rapid commercial importance in the recent years. According to Goldstein Research, the global green packaging market valued USD at 139.09 billion in 2016. It is expected to reach USD

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Features of Pulp Molded Products and Risks of Investing in Egg Tray Production Line

Source - https://pixabay.com/en/eggs-hens-kitchen-egg-carton-664848/   The demand for pulp molded products such as egg trays, food plates, serving bowls, and fruit trays has gone up as the packaging industry continues to move away from plastic and Styrofoam-based packaging. In fact, there is no greener packaging solution than pulp molded products. Not only governments, but everyday consumers

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