Egg tray machine

With right moulds, Pulp molding machines can produce a great variety of molded pulp packagings. Egg tray machine is one of the most typical application due to tremendous consumption of eggs in this world.

Egg tray machine plays an important role in egg tray making process, it have decisive effects on quality, breakage rate and production efficiency of egg trays.

Our egg tray making machines also adopt vacuum forming technique, which is popular in pulp molding industry. It works on the principle that slurry pass through net of moulds, water is filtered and then fiber is deposited, finally form a certain shape of wet molded pulp.

Automatic Type

Automatic type refer to rotary drum egg tray machine, which has multi-station (normally 4, 8, or 12 faces),  and fits for continuous mass production. Once molded, wet egg trays will be diverted by transfer moulds automatically to conveyor of dryer.

  • robust construction
  • pulp tank
  • custom forming moulds
  • custom transfer moulds
  • heat insulation hood
  • preheat inlet
  • rotary drum
  • cam indexer
  • speed reducer
  • electric motor
pulp molding machine-rotary
ModelFaceForming Dies
Transfer Dies
Egg Tray Output
QTM 4*4416431800~2500
QTM 4*8832442500~3200
QTM 5*8840555500~6000
QTM 5*121260556500~7000

Manual Type

Output of manual type egg tray machine is comparatively lower because of less forming moulds. However, it’s compact and enjoy flexible layout in working site. Workers have to receive molded egg trays manually and then send to drying oven. Sometimes dried on shelves by sunshine directly if without oven.

pulp moulding machine-bisection
  1. robust construction
  2. carbon steel pulp tank
  3. adjustable forming & transfer moulds assembly
  4. air tank
  5. white water outlet
  6. electric motor
  7. speed reducder
  8. air cylinder
  9. bearing
  10. swing arm
ModelTypeFaceForming Dies
Transfer Dies
Egg Tray Output
QTM 1*3Manual1332.2500~1200
QTM 1*4Manual1442.21200~1600

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