pulp preparationAbout Pulp Preparation

Pulping process is critical to every single final molded fiber product. If pulp slurry quality does not meet desired requirements, it would affect, their strength and buffering performance for sure.

Actually, the whole pulp preparation process can be summarized as disintegration and purification problems.

Our basic demands for pulp slurry:

  • Sufficient supply
  • Refined
  • Deposite evenly and quickly on net of dies
  • Low shrinking ration when drying
  • Free from obvious warping on any direction of a final product

How do we ensure pulp slurry quality?

Waste paper always contains plastic flake, hot melt substance, tape, box nail and other foreign matters which make screening and purifying much more complex in waste paper processing.


Hydro pulper can be divided into light, medium and high concentration types in terms of slurry concentration.  we can design and manufacture custom hydro pulper with different holding capacity based on your raw material and expected output.

What we consider before designing?

  1. Rotor strucure
  2. Slurry tank structure
  3. Linear speed of rotor
  4. Hole diameter of screening disc

Pulp storage & Agitation

A pulp pool is to hold slurry, and also comes up with light (5%) and medium (8%-15%) types in terms of slurry concentration. It’s connected with pulping system and screening system, and can blend slurry from different lots, ensure stable and continuous operation. Due to its storage function, partial break won’t stop operation of the whole line. While a agitation unit is used to homogenize slurry, make it well circulated, even mixed, free from flotation and sediment in pool no matter continuous or intermittent operation.

Things you have to consider in pulp storage:

  1. Ensure enough volume of slurry pool
  2. Slurry before screening may have rope or the like, which will twine round rotor of agitation and interrupt production
  3. Drain slurry thoroughly and prevent from fermentation in pulp pool, in case of long time machine halt.

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